Csection Mama

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CSection Mama

Welcome to C-section Mama, where I’ll tell you the truth about my c-section and my abusive labor, delivery, and birth. I welcome your truth, too.

I’m here to make a big deal about labor, delivery and obstetric violence and abuse – until we eradicate it. 

The first step is telling the truth about what happened during our deliveries and placing abuse blame where it belongs – on the shoulders of our abusers.

Our labor and delivery abuse was not our fault, and we probably couldn’t have prevented it. But someone could have: our abuser.

We will call attention to this abuse until we are able to stop it by putting laws in place and changing real-world systems and societal attitudes about birth abuse and mothers’ rights during the birthing process.

Before birth, I watched The Business of Being Born. I read Ina May’s books and others. I had a doula and a birth plan, and I labored at home for 10 hours. Then I decided to go to the hospital, where I met the on-call nurse and OB for the first time. They jeopardized both my life and my daughter’s life, and they yelled abusive, blaming language at me while they did it.

This is my story, and my mission is to speak out to help prevent it from happening to more mothers and babies.