Let’s change maternity care.

I did not consent to my c-section.

My nurse told me it wasn’t about me, and they operated on me without my consent.

Maternity care needs an overhaul.

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“We’ve fought hard for the right to not be pregnant when we don’t want to be, from birth control pills to abortion. We had to fight for birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. We had to fight for the right to say no to our husbands when we didn’t want to have sex, up through the 1970’s. We had to fight for Plan B to be sold in stores. We had to fight to own property and earn income independently from men.

The energy that we’ve expended just explaining basic human rights and needs has been exhausting.

So in that context, it seems like a really big favor to ask our culture to recognize rape or assault during labor and birth. To recognize it as wrong. To see that even during pregnancy, labor, and delivery, we still own our bodies.”

-C-section Mama

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