Dear OB: What You Steal

When we think of life stages - birth, childhood, end of life, death - we don't often think of giving birth as one of them. But I believe that giving birth is as much of a life stage as childhood. It's a part of the beginning of motherhood, but a very important stage of life,... Continue Reading →

Our View of Birth

Before I got pregnant, I realized there were generally two ways birth was depicted by movies, friends and family. Either women were decked out in flowers and pink, smiling proudly or smugly, in love with their belly, or, they were flat on their backs, legs pressed open, exposed, screaming in horror, with a male OB... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Your Fault

I think about the worst things I went through after my c-section: The intense physical pain for weeks -much worse than unmedicated back labor- not being able to hold and comfort my child, feeling like I didn't really give birth, not feeling like my baby was really mine, knowing my liver was overloaded with drugs... Continue Reading →

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