Should Doulas Help Prevent Assault?

I'm having a discussion online right now about doulas, and their role in preventing or aiding in the assault of birthing women. I remember telling my story to a mom who had a non traumatizing birth at home. Her answer was simply, "Next time, I highly recommend a doula." Smug smile. Me: "I did have... Continue Reading →

Part III: After Birth

The next couple days in the hospital were just as devoid of joy. I had a lot of trouble breast feeding my baby. Her latch was hurting pretty badly on my right side, but when I asked the nurses with a lactation certification, she couldn't tell me what was wrong. One of the nurses said... Continue Reading →

C-section Survivor

I am the survivor of an unnecessary c-section. Ten years ago, reading something like that would sound overly dramatic. A cesarean? No big deal, right? But as anyone who has had an unplanned, emergency c-section can tell you (and even some mamas who had time to mentally, socially and physically prep their post-partum environment) they... Continue Reading →

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