The Way Out

I'm here 19 months post partum. I still think about what happened to me, in some form, every day. Every night. I catch myself thinking about it, and sometimes I berate myself. Sara, I say, it's been 19 months. Over a year and a half. You should probably let it go, I tell myself. But... Continue Reading →

No One Chooses to Be Abused

Something I've been seeing a lot of lately is commentary about how if women had just "known they had a choice" or that they were in charge of their births, that abuse of their bodies wouldn't happen. It seriously enrages me. It's just not true. SO MANY WOMEN tell their care providers, usually in hospital... Continue Reading →

Should Doulas Help Prevent Assault?

I'm having a discussion online right now about doulas, and their role in preventing or aiding in the assault of birthing women. I remember telling my story to a mom who had a non traumatizing birth at home. Her answer was simply, "Next time, I highly recommend a doula." Smug smile. Me: "I did have... Continue Reading →

Part III: After Birth

The next couple days in the hospital were just as devoid of joy. I had a lot of trouble breast feeding my baby. Her latch was hurting pretty badly on my right side, but when I asked the nurses with a lactation certification, she couldn't tell me what was wrong. One of the nurses said... Continue Reading →

C-section Survivor

I am the survivor of an unnecessary c-section. Ten years ago, reading something like that would sound overly dramatic. A cesarean? No big deal, right? But as anyone who has had an unplanned, emergency c-section can tell you (and even some mamas who had time to mentally, socially and physically prep their post-partum environment) they... Continue Reading →

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